Hi there!

I’m a Senior Data Scientist with 4+ years of experience solving real-world problems across different domains. I bring my clients data-driven value by:

  • Executing impact estimations of product and business proposals;
  • Executing data analyses (SQL, Python);
  • Building dashboards (DataStudio, Tableau);
  • Modernizing your approach to leveraging your data, i.e. setting up basic data infrastructure (database, dashboards, reporting layers, etc);
  • Building, training, and deploying machine learning models using modern tech-stack (Python, CI/CD, Docker)
  • Creating pipelines (e.g. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager) for richer tracking, data collection, and business-introspection.

I also love chess, playing guitar, linguistics, and learning new languages (currently I speak four, working on my fifth). I believe that life is all about the language that speaks through us, and the story we collectively tell. The story is at the core of all that I do, whether I’m writing a blog post, writing a song, or constructing a value-driven narrative from data.

Want to work together? Feel free to reach out: , , , , and .